Is it terrible to say that I felt like a princess wearing this?!

When I was asked to be on the Good Day Chicago show this past weekend, I was thrilled to broadcast my concept on live TV and share with everyone some of my fashion and cake collaborations! It was actually quite easy choosing which three designers to feature, and I'm excited to cover each look more in depth over the next couple of weeks. First up: Bum-Cake Vintage.

I absolutely love meeting other tough, independent, career-driven women in this city. You can sense each other in the same room, a block can just feel each others presence. When Christiana Greene walked into our Fashion Week installation, I instantly felt the need to go out of my way and connect. She looked fabulous, walked with grace, and was delicately picking up each piece of jewelry with the utmost respect and care. I knew she must be in the industry.

After introducing myself, I quickly confirmed my gut was right. Christiana owns Bum-Cake Vintage, an amazing vintage company with the most affordable and unique vintage pieces a girl could wish for. She's also literally one of the classiest and most graceful women I have ever met. I felt honored when she agreed to do a collaboration with me.

What she chose for me to feature was a thrilling moment. This housecoat hit every point on my wishlist: embroidery, lace, yet delicate...the details would all translate impeccably into cake. Now seeing something like this housecoat on a rack might seem a bit intimidating to pull off, but Christiana made it a breeze when I asked her how to style it. She gave me a stack of possible choices from khaki trousers to a leopard print shirt, a stunning black dress to a red silk top...all which surprisingly complemented the canary yellow. Christiana definitely knows how to style her finds!

I ended up choosing to pair the housecoat with a simple black jumpsuit, just so I could focus on highlighting the yellow in the cake. I got the embroidery detail by using an embosser (basically a plastic mat you roll the fondant on, leaving a pattern embedded) and used a custom mold to get the "baroque" feel adorning the cake. I hand cut different patterns to act as a crown on the cake and used yellow sugar pearls as accents.

I really did feel like a princess wearing this. Clothes transform you; they transform who you are, who you aspire to can play a character for a night if you want to. I felt completely content in my character: the princess who keeps both Louboutins on her feet, is in bed well before midnight, never takes food from strangers and is out to conquer her prince named New York City...That's my Happily Ever After.

Canary Yellow Housecoat by Bum-Cake Vintage

Black Jumpsuit by H&M

Shoes by Christian Louboutin

Watch my segment on Good Day Chicago here!