Who says you can't wear white after Labor Day?

I guess this is my "goodbye summer" look. When it comes to playfulness, this dress has it all: polka dots, ruffles, a bow in the back...it's almost impossible to be in a bad mood once this slips over your shoulders!

That's why I love Calvin Klein.

With his cutting edge marketing tactics and wearability in his clothing, Calvin is arguably the epitome of American fashion. His branding no doubt paved the way for the whole "sex sells" movement, and his influence impacted future American designers as a result. Can anyone really ever forget Brooke Shields cooing, "Want to know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing" or the image of a chiseled "Marky Mark" wearing nothing but a perfectly white, fitted pair of boxer briefs? The latter is forever engraved in my memory--I miss the 90s! Calvin Klein has branched out in all kinds of directions, from bedding to perfume, red carpet to workout gear, there's no denying that the powerhouse brand is occupying the average household is some way, shape or form.

I picked up this number at my local resale shop here on the UES with the tag still attached and a price that couldn't be beat. Dresses are my go-to look for NYC summers because it's so easy to throw on and know that you can go have brunch, grocery shop, walk in the park and then transition effortless to drinks on a friend's rooftop! My outfits can rarely be limited to just one occasion, and I think I can speak on almost every woman's behalf here in NYC that the more functional an outfit, the better!!

The polka dot detail on the dress has a very subtle textured pattern to distinguish itself even more against the crisp white linen fabric of the dress itself. I achieved this by rolling the fondant onto an impression mat, cutting my circles from there. Fondant will normally stick to itself, but if you are ever having difficulty a little dab of water will glue almost any kind of sugar decoration to whatever surface you choose.

A very simple, yet flirty white dress posed next to a traditional white cake with a playful twist...this is classic summertime. Shame on you to whoever donated that dress without even giving it a chance!! Everyone knows that the classics never go out of style!

Speaking of classics, full confession: I wrote this entire blog with "Good Vibrations" on repeat and am not ashamed to say it.




Dress by Calvin Klein

Shoes by Nine West

Rings by Henri Bendel and Heart & Noble