Daniel Silverstein

Have you ever had an experience that makes you take a step back and evaluate everything you've been doing? Like laundry service or your Spotify account...the days of collecting quarters and anxiously waiting for "Survivor" to play on the radio so you can finish recording your mix tape seem like a lifetime ago...

Meet Daniel Silverstein: the man breaking the fashion formula and establishing his own.

Not only are Daniel's designs stunning, particularly his braided designs which I favor, but also they are "zero waste" -meaning every bit of the fabric is utilized in each creation. Think of the nose to tail theory in food where the whole animal is used- but in fashion! "It's how I think now. It's not like 'oh, I need to make this dress zero waste' -it's me creating the design because I'm zero waste."

While Daniel was working under some of the top fashion labels, he realized how much fabric was being thrown out. "When I made a comment about all of the waste, the response was that was normal in every designer's warehouse. Even if your waste level is at 10%, when you're dealing with 100,000 yards of material, that's still 10,000 yards not being utilized!" Thus, a fashion label was born. After a stint on Fashion Star and selling his label to big box retailers, Daniel is now independently owned and operating his line. 

Daniel's "zero waste" attitude was contagious and inspired me in creating my cake design. Usually when I make fondant there will be some scrap pieces left over once I cover the cake. Instead I rolled the scraps out like pasta then braided it, draping it over the cake. The airiness of the tuille pants was easy to interpret with spun sugar, although Mother Nature was seriously working against me with the humidity! 

I left Daniel's studio inspired and motivated. He is changing the game with his concept, and I believe the fashion industry could be a huge outlet for eliminating wasteful tendencies. So cheers to Daniel and him inspiring me this week--I will start practicing your concept with this glass of wine I'm about to drink!