Finding a vintage Fendi blazer then eating a celebratory pizza at Roberta's across the street? Quite possibly one of my favorite New York memories to date.

It was a couple of years ago...I had just started to venture out to the Brooklyn scene after finally feeling somewhat well accustomed to Manhattan, especially knowing BK is infamous for my two favs: great food and great vintage.

As I started to grow in the restaurant industry here in the city, I quickly learned that any restaurant where you find cooks and/or chefs eating at during their free time is basically a trip to Mecca. Or in my case, a quick trip on the L train. It was definitely my first time in Brooklyn at night, I do remember that. And previous trips were getting off at Bedford (basically an extension of the LES) to check out the Artists and Fleas market on weekends, which would end pleasantly sitting in the sun, admiring the skyline I worked so hard to live in while savoring an ice cream sandwich from the Coolhaus truck parked outside.

Tonight the roles were reversed. I was waiting for a table at Roberta's when I see a UHaul truck in the distance with "$10 or less" signs plastered all over itself. As I squint to look closer, I see a woman holding a shopping bag, smiling ear to ear. I knew that smile; I recognized it instantly. The joy of finding a hidden gem...the kind of gems that only New York has to offer. I had to go inside. Thus, my discovery of the Mobile Vintage Shop.

I had stepped into a religious experience. Fantastic, I mean fantastic vintage finds lining the wall. I felt like I was reliving hot summers spent in my Grandparent's RV with my wildest dreams of fabulous clothes all colliding together. It was crazy. Naturally, I started kind of freaking out. I mean--- $10 or less? I just started grabbing everything and began stripping down in the trailer, frantically giving myself approximately 30 seconds to decide if an article of clothing was going to fit my style or be better off on someone else...

God, if only I had the same discretion towards men!

In all the chaos I remember picking up this blazer. I was hesitant at first, but you get to a certain point in shopping that you're so open-minded you will give anything a try. Oh my God, then I saw the label. FENDI. Right in my freaking face. I completely will admit it, I don't even think I tried it on. Fendi for $10? What? Sold. I will find a way to make this work, obviously!

It's interesting, because even though I took pride knowing that I had Fendi hanging up in my wardrobe, I just recently started rocking the blazer. It's very masculine and very angular. Two years ago I didn't quite feel like I could own the look, I just wanted to own the label. It's crazy how my style has changed. I really embrace the fact that I live in one of the most non-judgmental cities in the world and can fully morph my look into whatever neighborhood I may be hanging around that particular day.

The whole look is actually from the Mobile Vintage Shop, Italian shoes and no name dress included. Getting the fringed look on the cake was fun by piping royal icing on top of itself once dried to create a layered look. After painfully obtaining the right olive color to match the blazer via fondant, I kept the top tier pretty literal.

$90 later, I felt like a true champion walking out of the Mobile Vintage Shop, grinning a smile rivaling that of the woman that had drawn me inside in the first place. My euphoria continued while experiencing my first bite of Roberta's pizza...I won't ever forget.

Blazer by Fendi

Dress, thrifted

Shoes by Bruno Magli