I just couldn't look away...I was in a room full of strangers, yet the one thing I couldn't take my eyes off of was this woman's bracelet! ...maybe this is why I'm still single?

I had to introduce myself to her. As she extended her hand out to me, full on fabulousness dripping off her wrist, I heard her utter the words "jewelry designer" and a chill went up my spine.  As if witnessing a piece of art so futuristic wasn't enough in itself--but the person wearing it is the designer too?!

I love New York.

I'll never forget that day when I met Cristina Gabriele. Her company Heart & Noble uses laser cut techniques  to achieve these stunning pieces that are not only head turners, but totally wearable. Choosing to feature Cristina and Heart & Noble for my first blog post was an absolute no-brainer. And her jewelry is so stunning, it almost makes you forget that I'm not wearing anything but a cake and my new Birkenstocks in the photos, which is obviously the point of view I'm going for! You guys caught onto that, right?

But really, in case you were wondering about my choice of props, I feel that any true order of celebration isn't worth celebrating without cake and balloons. After talking about it for so long, I finally took a hard bite on that bullet and collided both of these crazy worlds that are so relevant in my life--which calls for a freaking celebration.  So why not wear the cake (and my new favorite shoes) while holding the balloons? It's my party!

After all, this is New York City- Anything can happen out here. So when in a couple years "wear your cake on the subway and eat it too (if you dare)" becomes a NYC holiday, hopefully I can get some props! Or at least a free monthly??

                                    until next week!  xo,

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Necklace and Rings by Heart & Noble sold at flat128 located in the West Village of New York City.

Photography by Alexandra Amarotico www.sheisred.com