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It's sweater weather, and this year I decided to up my game. I don't know about you all, but my ideal sweater checklist is pretty tough to clear: fitted, comfortable, statement-worthy, versatile, and most importantly, WARM. Cue, Madewell.

Here's a scenario we've ALL been in before: You find that perfect fuzzy sweater that needs to be introduced to your wardrobe. Halfway through debut night, you go from trying to rub elbows with cute boys to rubbing against nearly anything for relief from the unbearable itching...sometimes beauty has its price to pay, but COME ON!

This sweater is my perfect fuzzy for the season: slip it on over a mini or sweats, no benadryl needed. I tried capturing that "fuzzy" feeling and texture in my you wanna swipe a finger through that fluffy icing! Please just do it after, not before touching my sweater.



sweater by Madewell

skirt and knee socks, Urban Outfitters

ankle booties, H&M