Maybe this sounds a little crazy, but I got completely lost in the pattern of this dress. There is something about blue and black that just emits a sense of mystery...almost a space-like was like flowers melting into a galaxy far far away! Perhaps May 4th was still fresh in my mind.

Michael Kors is brilliant, and he has truly helped define how the modern woman (especially the NYC woman) dresses in the past 2 decades. This piece is the perfect answer to that "fresh out of winter" look that can be SO confusing to dress for.

For the cake, I really wanted to focus on the striking blue flowers. I opted for a white background but outlined them in dripping black paint--just the amount of edge needed for our photo shoot set underneath one of Central Park's stone bridges.

Mysterious yet feminine, with that tough girl approach. Bravo, Michael Kors. You've once again captured the essence of the New York woman.