Pyer Moss

Men like to have their cake too, you know.

This week, I'm honored to feature Pyer Moss- a menswear luxury sportswear brand originating right here in the Big Apple! Pyer was an easy third choice for my Chicago lineup, and I was ecstatic to have the opportunity to work with the brand creator Kerby Jean Ramound---this guy dresses Usher, people!!

When I walked into his showroom, I had one of those moments where I was truly jealous of the clothes hanging off the garment rack as opposed to the dress hanging off my body. It's bad enough that once a month I curse under my breath "I wish I were a guy", but for them to actually make me ache for their apparel as well?! This designer is good.  His striking patterns and textures keep your eyes engaged throughout the collection, noting comfortable materials like french terry mixed with an edgier leather counterpart. You can't help but applaud someone that makes the building blocks of color into something original---it's like he is reinventing neutrals for you gents'! Leave it to Rihanna to accessorize one of his jackets with her stilettoed ensemble...looks like she had to have some of his stuff, too!

When I met with Kerby about what he wanted me to carry through to my interpretation via cake, he requested I put a zipper somewhere in the design. "The zipper is kind of my thing," he stated. Thank god for silicone molds-I imagine making sugar zippers is much easier than the actual thing!

Designers like Kerby have nothing but the brightest future ahead of them and for a reason: sometimes you have to take what you have in front of you and what is familiar, break down the formula and build it back together in a new way. I fully plan on practicing this mentality...first off: breaking down my limitations of menswear clothing and seeing how I can rock those pieces with my stilettos. Should we call it "bRIH-inspired"??

Crewneck and Pants, both Pyer Moss

Shoes, model's own.