Sengco Apparel

Some women have the ability to spot a good man when they see one; I have the ability to spot a good tee shirt a mile away...

I wouldn't trade that for a thing.

Zach Seng, founder of Sengco Apparel, made this particular hunt for the latest a breeze with his brightly colored booth nestled between vintage locks and repurposed wine boxes at the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market. I think I may have actually cut my friend off mid sentence while darting to the display table!

I'm always interested to know the story behind an article of clothing. For this particular tee shirt I'm wearing, Zach took a ten dollar bill and went around to every bodega he could find, cashing it in for pennies. He then took a piece of burlap and laid across all 1,000 pennies, burned it and spray painted over, creating this polka dot pattern. How awesome is that?!

Zach has been making magic like this the past year and a half with the help of a ton of creativity, an eye for great fabric and his Grandmother's sewing machine. He originally started at Brooklyn Flea but now calls HKFM his home. What really impressed me after talking to him was his understanding for different body types and how fabric lays on each individual, which is a constant battle I face when finding clothes- am I right ladies? Bonus: the material is ridiculously comfortable (I'm talking pajama-like) and super breathable, withstanding even the hottest of New York Summer. Fashion is all about comfort lately and I'm not complaining- believe me, these shirts win on all levels!

The texture from the burlap was a bit difficult to translate in cake. I used royal icing to create dimension, then scraped it once dried to give a rough, graffiti effect. Wearing this shirt brought out a "masculine v feminine" sort of vibe to me, like wearing oversized jeans with heels does or a baseball cap with a dress. I wanted this attitude to come across in the cake using the distressed polka dots against a rough, coral background. 

Not only are all of Zach's creations super unique, but they're super affordable. A custom shirt like this rings in around $25, and it will quickly become your new best friend!

I may never find a good man, but at least I will always have a good tee shirt.

 Sengco Apparel available online and Saturdays/Sundays at HKFM, W.39th and 9th avenue