St. Maarten

Unfortunately, there are some great things in life that are never properly given credit where it is due. For example, some of the greatest poems and stories that have impacted generations end with "Author Unknown". My heart always sinks a little at the thought that someone poured their heart and soul into doing something they loved, but might have never seen any direct results...

Case in point: the dress made by "Designer Unknown".

This past February, I went on a Caribbean cruise with my family and fell deeply in love with St. Maarten. The mishmash of both Dutch and French cultures set on a jaw droppingly beautiful island made for incredible food, lovely people, and of course, killer shopping! Oh, and did I mention that it was tax free??

During my shopping excursion, I came across a row of stunning silk dresses that I was told were handmade on the island. When I saw the henna-like pattern painted with bright red on one particular dress, I knew I had to have it. Just looking at it made me feel like I was transported to an exotic place; somewhere so opposite of the hustle and bustle New York brings me everyday.  Then I put it on.

Whenever I wear this dress, I feel any stress and anxiety melt away. I can throw it on confidently knowing that I will make a statement that is bold but yet somehow graceful at the same time. I feel like a woman that could lead an army twirling around the battlefield to victory. I feel like I can do anything. 

There are so many patterns and pigments in this dress that I wanted to embody into the cake. I literally was sitting in my apartment, Iggy Azalea blasting, smearing together different colors onto my fondant canvas while piping scrollwork simultaneously- Looks like finger painting isn't just for preschoolers! 

Is that a conventional way to decorate a cake? Not really. But all bets are off once that dress slips over my body. 

To my St. Maarten "Designer Unknown":  thank you for creating a dress that makes me feel unstoppable. 

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“Live life with a fire that is never extinguished.”

Author unknown

bracelet by Alex and Ani 

shoes by Steve Madden