One of my favorite things ever is the art scene here in NYC. Whether it's scoping out the latest art installation at the Guggenheim or partaking in the classics at the Met, I gladly pay my rent each month to indulge in living blocks from both. I often find myself wandering in with no reason at all, completely submitting myself to inspiration around me.

When I saw this collection from Vaunt & Sol, I felt like I was at an art gallery. The bright colors brought out a nostalgia of my childhood in the 90s (saddle shoes, anyone?!), while evoking an air of confidence only the toughest woman would pull off without even flinching. "Sophistication at ease" is one of the mantra's of the brand, which couldn't be more true when slipping a hand painted garment over your shoulders and walking out the door!

Creative minds Nicole Vaunt and Najva Sol started the brand a little over a year ago and have seen a cult following flock to their creations. When I was at their showroom for a collection launch, I kept overhearing the words "obsessed" and "colorful"...I knew I had to work with them.

I was super inspired by this particular look and decided to put my paintbrushes to good use by painting my own interpretation of the "Vaunt & Sol woman". It was fun to paint freestyle and let the colors speak for themselves. I mean, that pink and blue are super rad! No wonder "obsessed" comes to mind!

You can check out the rest of their amazing collection online and pick up some of these fine pieces yourself! Did I mention they're also sustainable and made in NYC?! Now I'm officially obsessed! <3



hand painted shirt dress and overcoat, both Vaunt & Sol SS15

modeling by Alexandra Amarotico, who graciously traded places with me for this shoot <3