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Breanne is a Cheftivist (Activist + Chef) movement builder and entrepreneur.

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, she attended culinary school during high school, graduating at just 20 years old. She moved to New York City in 2011 and began working at a Michelin-starred restaurant, becoming their Pastry Sous Chef 18 months later. She then became the Executive Pastry Chef at Facebook NY, becoming widely known in the company for her innovative and unique desserts. She started her own business, “by Breanne”,  before halting orders to create the Women’s March on Washington. She led the field operations for the 670 marches around the world and mobilized over 5 million women on every single continent, resulting in her being recognized as “International Woman of the Year” by Harper’s Bazaar.

After leading campaigns on ending family separation at the border and stopping Brett Kavanaugh from sitting on the Supreme Court, Breanne felt called to return to her roots with a newfound perspective on helping womxn succeed in the food industry, while simultaneously closing the gap in their representation and leadership. She and her business partner, Venezuelan Chef and Chopped Champion Adriana Urbina, went on to create “The Table”, a movement and organization aimed to empower, support and give opportunities to womxn, especially womxn of color, in the food industry.

Breanne has her own consulting company, “Stir the Nation”, where she uses her social justice knowledge and culinary expertise to work with corporations and small businesses on developing a more inclusive and intersectional environment. She also holds a weekly Instagram show where she talks about politics and human rights issues with a guest while cooking a meal together.




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